Raku proudly announces the new Raku Sushi & Lounge serving West End, Saint Louis Park, MN!
Raku offers an upscale dining experience celebrating Japanese fusion cuisine that focuses on traditional Japanese dishes with French, Italian and other Asian influences. Sushi, sashimi, and regular Japanese dishes await you along with a variety of dishes served in creative and innovative fashions.

Raku Sushi & Lounge

Raku Sushi & Lounge @ West End

West End

5371 W. 16th St.
Saint Louis Park, MN


M-T: 11 am - 11 pm
FRI:  11 am - 12 am
SAT:  12 pm - 12 am
SUN: 12 pm - 10 pm

Raku Restaurant

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3939 W. 50th St. #101
Edina, MN


M-T: 11 am - 10 pm
FRI:  11 am - 11 pm
SAT:  noon - 11 pm
SUN: noon - 10 pm