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Salmon Salmon

Jumbo lump crabmeat crusted salmon finished with wasabi dressing, sake and soy reduction, with tomato, avocado and jalapeno salsa

Tuna Pizza

Fresh tuna, guacamole, crabmeat layered on top of crispy tortilla, served with spicy mayo sauce

Sesame Chicken

Battered and deep fried white meat chicken and Asian vegetables with special sesame sauce

Manhattan Roll

Shrimp tempura and crab stick inside, topped with spicy tuna, crunch flakes and caviar, served with 3 kinds of special sauces

Shrimp Tempura

Served with soup or salad, white or brown rice

Rock Shrimp Tempura

Slightly fried tempura battered shrimp with spicy mayo sauce

Seafood Toban Yaki

Shrimp, scallop, mussel, baby bokchoy, mushroom carrots, sweet peas, citrus butter, toban sauce and sake, served on a sizzling hot plate

Shrimp Tempura Appetizer

Tantalizing Tako: Sushi Delights

Tantalizing Tako: Sushi Delights
Indulge in fresh tako at our sushi bar. Our Japanese restaurant serves up tender octopus sashimi and tako nigiri. Try our tako sunomono for a refreshing appetizer. Experience the delicate flavors of tako salad with sesame dressing. Savor the unique taste of tako tempura for a crispy delight.

Convenient Pickup and Delivery Options for Sushi

Convenient Pickup and Delivery Options for Sushi
Craving sushi? Order online for pickup or delivery. Enjoy fresh sashimi, maki rolls, and tako nigiri in the comfort of your home. Our convenient options make it easy to satisfy your sushi cravings without leaving your house.

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